Important dates of Burn’s communication in France

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  • Burn energy drink is a guarana based product. It targets people in need of energy (work, drive, party…). It’s the first drink made with guarana


  • Fullsix won the marketing campaign for Burn. They had previously done the first communication plan for the brand when it was launched. Their main goal is to develop an advertising campaign for all the Medias: TV, internet, press, flyers… They were competing for the contract against Saatchi Italy and Black Pencil.


  • Coca-Cola launch their new can which is re-openable.burn_grand They developed the concept in partnership with the Ball Packaging Europesociety. Present in all their products, this system allows the consumer to drink Burn when they want. It’s ideal to long distances by car or to dance all night long during parties, because this way, the drink don’t lose the gas.
  • Burn Energy Drink does a communication partnership with Autoroutemedia This new partnership allow them to use the network of Media Group, Autoroutemedia, present in 75 service areas on the French roads (45 million of potential viewers each year). The advertising campaign has been done by Poterscope Hyperspace.
  • First edition of Unighted : Burn version dancefloor For the first time, Burn, in partnership wih Cathy Guetta, organizes the Unighted event. It took place in the Stade de France in Paris. 40,000 clubbers participated on this awesome night. The 5 best Dj’s of the year where present to mix all night long.


  • Second edition of Unighted. Burn does the same event as last year with Cathy Guetta. This year, 4 of the bests Dj’s, including David Guetta, mixed for the biggest dancefloor party of France. The event took place at the Stade de France in Paris, as the last year, and they waited for 40,000 clubbers again.

20081229161031_unighted      SOIREE UNIGHTED AU STADE DE FRANCE


  • Third edition : Unighted By Cathy Guetta ! With the success of the two previous editions of Unighted, on 2010 the third edition will this time take place in Nice, France. The bests Dj’s of the year will mix in the Stade Charles Ehrmann in Nice, which has been totally transformed into the biggest dancefloor of Europe for this event.



  • Official partnership with David Guetta Movie making of the life of David Guetta and endorsement of new DJ’s recommended by him.



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How Monster Energy uses sponsorship ?

Sponsorship is a key element of the Monster beverage promotion. They use athletes as brand representatives to make their success associated with the use of their product. Firstly Monster started their sponsorship program with accent on the motor sports but through the time they enhanced their portfolio by the action sports, MMA athletes and  also they started to use some musicians, TV stars, gamers, and just bright personalities (bloggers, video makers, photographers) there. Knower days it includes more than 178 athletes, and a lot of other famous people, leaders of youngers public mood. All them you can find on the Monster website .To pick up new sport talents Monster established a special branded social network Monster army . Certainly it is impossible for them to sponsor all famous athletes, so to use their popularity and talents not directly, they cooperate with web channels  like “follow us” ,magazines like DUB and of course  they organize and sponsor huge number of events like the Monster Energy AMA Supercross Series, FIM World Championship, Monster Energy Dub Show, Vans Warped tourSkateboard Street LeagueQuicksilver Big Wave Invitational and many others. All that support its “go big” brand positioning. It is a big issue for energy drink producers to differentiate themselves in their promotion from their competitors, to create, different advertising pitches and stay financially competitive in the same moment.

To better understand that topic, you can find below a very interesting conversation between IEG journalist and Vipe Desai, Monster’s director of action sports, events and partnerships marketing. The article is dated by 02/26/2010.

IEG: Just about every energy drink brand is involved in sponsorship. How does Monster stand out in this crowded sandbox?

Desai: From an outside perspective it could look complicated, with Monster, Rock Star, Red Bull and others in the mix. We are involved in action sports and motorsports similar to other energy brands. But for us, it comes down to the personalities. Its all about aligning with the right athletes and events. Those are the differentiators That is what separates us from the others. We want athletes that represent that Monster DnA: going big, not letting anyone get the best of you, and charging ahead all out. We look for athletes like Ken Block, the founder of DC Shoes. He got into rally car racing and his gymkhana video gained 23 million views (N.S.: on the 25/11/13 it is more than 56 million views just on one for one version). It sparked an entire apparel line with our branding and logo, and it became one of the top selling items at Pacific Sunwear.

IEG: How does Monster measure ROI?

Desai: I think companies that operate like commodities and operate on pricing are looking for RoI. ‘What can we do to help us sell X?’ that is the wrong way of going into any sponsorship. We are a brand first. As a brand, we have to ask ourselves what sort of experience we need to build consumer acceptance. For us, measurement is all about return on involvement. how involved are we, and how involved will consumers be with our product? Its all about return on emotional involvement. When it comes to Monster Energy Supercross, fans have an emotional attachment with our brand. They know we are here for them. Some brands look for some sort of silver bullet formula for RoI. For me, it does not exist. You have to know what you are doing, and the people you hire have to buy into it as well.

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High level of sport drives Red Bull’s message

Event and sports sponsorship have been key elements of Red Bull’s marketing strategy for many years. Indeed, the brand has achieved a remarkable global success due, in part, to the reinvestment of 30 to 40% of its sales back to marketing and promotional activities.

Red Bull’s strategy has historically been divided into three kinds of approaches that are slightely connected between them:

  • Buzz marketing
  • TV advertising.
  • Sponsorship

Buzz marketing, includes handing out free samples at campuses and events where young people generally gather. As seen in the Wings Team article, this approach is often used as a way of initially raising consumer awareness.

In recent years, Red Bull’s TV commercials promoted, in a funny way, the fact that Red Bull allows anyone to do surprising things, that no one expected. Of course, the message of those advertisings perfectly fitted with the slogan “Red Bull gives you wings”…

More recentlty, the brand has focused its TV commercial strategy to provide the image of an extreme sports drink, associated to the idea that anything is possible.



Sponsorship represents the major part of Red Bull’s communication strategy. For the brand, this activity is not simply a mean to reflect a young and dynamic image to its audience, it is also a way to state a strong identity advocating the outperforming of oneself. That is way Red Bull is very present in extreme sports sponsorships and athletes endorsements.

In 2012, the company took its marketing to an entirely new level with the Stratos campaign. Felix Baumgartner achieved the record of 128,000 feet jump from the earth’s stratosphere, making him the first man to break the speed of sound while in freefall. The event was streamed live on line with viewers able to log in to post comments via Twitter and Facebook.



Semantic analysis of Monster’s products description

To understand what the sense a huge number of monster products has, for whom they are designed it is vitally important to look what is common for all their products. Every energy drink producer offers the same well for the consumer, energy-caffeine. Know day’s companies create an atmosphere of fun and extreme around their brands, but that is not enough. That is a challenge for Monster to distinguish itself from Red bull which already succeeded in promoting a cool and young image to raise its brand power.

In order to define to what senses, dreams and images monster appeals , how they position their products to compete I have decided to analyze the text of their product adverts by LSA method.

Latent Semantic Analysis is a theory and method for extracting and representing the contextual‐usage meaning of words by statistical computations applied to a large corpus of text (Landauer & Dumais, 1997). The underlying idea is that the aggregate of all the word contexts in which a given word does and does not appear provides a set of mutual constraints that largely determines the similarity of meaning of words and sets of words to each other. That will allow us to see what kind of consumer Monster target and which desired images and feelings they offer.

Text was analyzed by the web application Advanced Text Analyzer (

Sans titre

The general Semantic analysis of the 25 product descriptions from the has shown what from 1775 words in that text just 553 are different, that means that monster advertisers repeat some words many times. To understand which audience what advertising target vitally important to consider the complexity of the text for understanding.

Sans titre

The readability analyses demonstrate that text is easy for understanding and it is enough to pass the program of 6 or 7 school classes to fully understand that. The word frequency analysis clearly shows how monster target their products on the market, who is their target audience and which needs their energy drinks designed to satisfy.

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The conducted study presents that Monster promise for their consumers a buzz, a killer effect in any suitable beverage form (tea, coffee, juice).In the adds Monster states that their  products designed to re-habilitate, re-vive and re-fresh. Also, they developed a special series with new flavors and benefits to stimulate consumers drink more and systematically. Their products are positioned as unique and premium, but they state that is affordable because they give TRIPLE MORE. Among young and cool consumers Monster is especially targeting consumers which search the image of badass and crazy person and inclined to take risk.

So, to differentiate itself from Red Bull Monster designed such huge product line to  state that their products are designed for all kinds of situations and they ensure that consumer can find favorite flavor. They use their existing brand power for driving their sales by launching different beverage markets and creating a special occasions for consuming their products.

In the end it is reasonable to stress that there is a big difference in Red Bull and Monster ads.  The first states that THEIR drink gives you wings and the second allow you to unleash YOUR beast. So monster develops its own history as a symbolic drink which appeals to customer’s rebellious spirit.


Source: Landauer, T. K., Foltz, P. W., & Laham, D. (1998). An introduction to latent semantic analysis. Discourse processes, 25(2-3), 259-284.

The Wings Team: a dynamic group at the heart of Red Bull’s strategy

Capture d’écran 2013-11-08 à 19.24.02If you are a university or a college student, you have probably seen or heard of the Red Bull Wings Team once in your life. It is the face of the brand, represented by those blue and silver Mini Coopers with a big Red Bull can on the roof. When the Wings Team comes at you, it is to offer you free refreshments. By doing this, Red bull insists on the interaction and the proximity with the consumers, showing them how much they care.

The Wings Team has for mission to energize people when they really need it. As examples, they used to visit active people in their working environment or in the streets, students at school, athletes during competitions, or party people in clubs…

The important part of a Wing Team members’ job is to put a Red Bull product and leaflet in the consumers’ hand and offer a memorable experience that will drive brand loyalty.

Only students can apply and become Wings Team members. In that way Red Bull rely on the dynamism of young people to convey the image it wishes to provide. The following video is  the advertising clip Red Bull produced to encourage young people to be part of the Wings Team experience.