Does Burn needs to revive the flamme ?

Sans titreAfter being associated to the biggest dancefloor parties in France (Unighted editions 1, 2 and 3) and to famous Dj’s, Burn is getting involved with other kind of artists. In 2012 they started a partnership for the 15 years of “Colette” with the New Yorker artist Darcel. For this anniversary, the brand launched two new cans in limited edition called Burn Day and Burn Intense.

But, as sells are decreasing, could we say this new image has a positive impact for Burn? As we can see, Burn’s consumers are less and less numerous. Is this the consequence of big brands like Red Bull and Monster? Or of the communication strategy Burn adopted? It may be both.


In fact, between 2011 and 2012, Burn has decreased its French market’s shares of 1,5 pts. Meanwhile, those of the leaders of the market, Red Bull and Monster, have increased. One explanation could be that Burn has changed its image of “night fuel” (party, sexy, trendy) to an artistic one (intellectual, emotive, shy). Indeed, the other brands have been communicating on the extreme sports side of the b

usiness (motorcycle, base jumping, races…). Moreover, Burn has not repeated its main event: the Unighted night. It took place during 3 consecutive years and was the biggest dancefloor party in France with the best Dj’s of the world. This event gathered 40,000 persons for a long night of music and party around Burn and clubbing.

So, does Burn needs to come back to its young, sexy and savage image to increase its sales?

Let’s take a look on these ads:

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Don’t you think Burn needs to come back to its provocative side instead of the artistic one?

I do think so…

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Important dates of Burn’s communication in France

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  • Burn energy drink is a guarana based product. It targets people in need of energy (work, drive, party…). It’s the first drink made with guarana


  • Fullsix won the marketing campaign for Burn. They had previously done the first communication plan for the brand when it was launched. Their main goal is to develop an advertising campaign for all the Medias: TV, internet, press, flyers… They were competing for the contract against Saatchi Italy and Black Pencil.


  • Coca-Cola launch their new can which is re-openable.burn_grand They developed the concept in partnership with the Ball Packaging Europesociety. Present in all their products, this system allows the consumer to drink Burn when they want. It’s ideal to long distances by car or to dance all night long during parties, because this way, the drink don’t lose the gas.
  • Burn Energy Drink does a communication partnership with Autoroutemedia This new partnership allow them to use the network of Media Group, Autoroutemedia, present in 75 service areas on the French roads (45 million of potential viewers each year). The advertising campaign has been done by Poterscope Hyperspace.
  • First edition of Unighted : Burn version dancefloor For the first time, Burn, in partnership wih Cathy Guetta, organizes the Unighted event. It took place in the Stade de France in Paris. 40,000 clubbers participated on this awesome night. The 5 best Dj’s of the year where present to mix all night long.


  • Second edition of Unighted. Burn does the same event as last year with Cathy Guetta. This year, 4 of the bests Dj’s, including David Guetta, mixed for the biggest dancefloor party of France. The event took place at the Stade de France in Paris, as the last year, and they waited for 40,000 clubbers again.

20081229161031_unighted      SOIREE UNIGHTED AU STADE DE FRANCE


  • Third edition : Unighted By Cathy Guetta ! With the success of the two previous editions of Unighted, on 2010 the third edition will this time take place in Nice, France. The bests Dj’s of the year will mix in the Stade Charles Ehrmann in Nice, which has been totally transformed into the biggest dancefloor of Europe for this event.



  • Official partnership with David Guetta Movie making of the life of David Guetta and endorsement of new DJ’s recommended by him.



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Burn’s SWOT analysis

  • SBrand image – Associated to the night life and Super DJs as David Guetta.
  • Resources – Burn belongs to the Coca Cola Company, so we can supose they own a full range of human, financial and material ressources to invest in the development of this new product.
  • Brand innovations – With the new system of reopen able can, BlancBurn is an innovative product on the market. Also, they are the firsts to mix the rink with guarana and fruit juices.
  • Distribution channels – As we saybefore, Coca Cola owns Burn, we can also suppose that this product could take benefits on the current distribution channels all over the world.
  • WMostly turned to the rench market – The brand has very low export levels. It’s mainly distributed in France, even if sales are now increasing in other countries.
  • New communication plan – Adds have been made around the brand, but not as much as the main brands (Burn and Monster), nether events to promote the brand.
  • ONational market – Being launched in France gives a French identity to the brand. This is good for the brand because it gives a “French Touch” welcomed all-over the word.
  • Dynamic market – Consumption trends are increasing each year, there are new consumers, and new market places. Thus, the brand can adopt different strategies to develop itself using the trends.
  • Consumption trends – They evolve each year and can Blancoffer many opporunities to the brand (comunication, image, taste, way to consume, effects…)
  • Brand loyalty – Consumers are loyal to their preferred brand likely as smokers. Thus, once the brand has built a relation with the customers , it may stay with them.
  • TInternational brands – Market’s leaders are big international firms such as Red Bull and Monster. They represent the biggest threat because of their influence power on the customer.
  • Brand loyalty – As said before, brand loyalty could be an opportunity, but can also be perceived as a threat. In fact, if a consumer choose a competitor’s brand, it will be very difficult for Burn to change their Blancconsumption habits.


What about Burn ?

Burn Energy is a propriety of the Coca Cola Company. It is an energy drink made with taurine, caffeine and extracts of guarana. The flames on its logo represents the tagline of the brand: “Fuel your fire”.


Launched in 2005 (2006 in France), the classic can of Burn was equipped with a very new opening system in 2008. Thanks to this packaging improvement, consumers are now able preserve the quality of their drinks across a period of time by opening and closing them freely.

Burn’s two mains components are sugar (for the taste) and caffeine (for the energy). But it also contains taurine (since 2008 in France) and guarana which contains a high concentration of caffeine. As a result, 25 cl of Burn is equivalent to 30 cl of coffee.

Burn Products

Burn range of products from left to right: Burn Energy, Burn Day (the newcomer which won the 2011 prize of taste), Burn Energy Shot and Burn Juiced (a new way of consuming energy drinks with juice)

As well as Red Bull aims extreme sports to implement their Marketing strategy, Burn as chosen the nightlife community thanks to party/clubbing sponsorships and event organization. As an example, the brand has made a partnership with Unighted in 2008 and 2009, a well-known European electronic music event. In addition to that, the brand uses celebrity endorsments as it can be seen with the famous and world known David Guetta. As you can see, Burn is targeting young adults who want a little more energy during their days and of course their nights.



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