Brand identity prism

Brand Identity is the tool marketers use to articulate the rules for brand gestures. It explains how the brand will support the organization’s overall mission and objectives, and forms a bridge to making decisions about more than just marketing. Successful companies use the brand as a filter for determining whom to hire, which businesses to participate in, what partnerships to pursue and more. As a result, creating a brand identity is one of the most important steps a company can take to ensure a consistent, enduring brand.


In the conclusion of this article I would like to concentrate the attention on the still not mentioned parts of our monster strategy analyses, like customers self image and personality.


According to Aaker, there are 6 types of brand personality, Sincerity, Excitement, Competence, Sophistication and Ruggedness. Monster targets people who like extreme sports, who are party goers and gamers. So Monster has built its image those things and also the Monster Girls. As a result we can state that Excitement and Ruggedness are the two adjectives for the Monster’s personality.


Customers’ goal that they want to reach using this brand. Drinking a can of Monster is associated in its consumer’s mind with freedom, coolness and also virility. The sentiment of excitement linked to Monster is therefore very masculine. Consumers have the sensation they are experiencing something special with the brand and also they feel their selves linked to the idea of extreme sports (even their never have done such activities or are not good in that).

In the end it is reasonable to stress that the desired image of risk taker and scamp is vitally important for energy drink consumers, the story is the same with kids who starts smokes cigarettes, they know that is harmful but they do it to feel cool and involved in adults life.



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