Does Burn needs to revive the flamme ?

Sans titreAfter being associated to the biggest dancefloor parties in France (Unighted editions 1, 2 and 3) and to famous Dj’s, Burn is getting involved with other kind of artists. In 2012 they started a partnership for the 15 years of “Colette” with the New Yorker artist Darcel. For this anniversary, the brand launched two new cans in limited edition called Burn Day and Burn Intense.

But, as sells are decreasing, could we say this new image has a positive impact for Burn? As we can see, Burn’s consumers are less and less numerous. Is this the consequence of big brands like Red Bull and Monster? Or of the communication strategy Burn adopted? It may be both.


In fact, between 2011 and 2012, Burn has decreased its French market’s shares of 1,5 pts. Meanwhile, those of the leaders of the market, Red Bull and Monster, have increased. One explanation could be that Burn has changed its image of “night fuel” (party, sexy, trendy) to an artistic one (intellectual, emotive, shy). Indeed, the other brands have been communicating on the extreme sports side of the b

usiness (motorcycle, base jumping, races…). Moreover, Burn has not repeated its main event: the Unighted night. It took place during 3 consecutive years and was the biggest dancefloor party in France with the best Dj’s of the world. This event gathered 40,000 persons for a long night of music and party around Burn and clubbing.

So, does Burn needs to come back to its young, sexy and savage image to increase its sales?

Let’s take a look on these ads:

1 4 3 2

Don’t you think Burn needs to come back to its provocative side instead of the artistic one?

I do think so…

8 7


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