Monster’s SWOT analysis


  • Innovative and attracting can design
  • Huge online audience with own Social network (Monster Army)
  • Loyal customers
  • Strong brand identity
  • Strong financial position
  • Reasonable pricing (twice cheaper than Red Bull)
  • Large product depth


  • Harmed reputation because of death occasions
  • No mass media advertising
  • No top-of-mind awareness
  • Mostly low income users
  • Aggressive can design might be intimidating to female consumers
  • Monsters marketing audience now is limited by extreme sport fans and aggressive music
  • Limited distribution model


  • Huge opportunities for entering new markets
  • Entering developing markets
  • Finding and promoting (not direct and official) appropriate alcohol combination as Red Bull Vodka
  • Usage of knowledge in producing of healthy natural drinks (back to Hansen’s roots). It may allow them to increase visibility and revenues from warehouse segment
  • Buyout Target – Maybe know is the time to be picked up by the larger business. (ex. Coca Cola)
  • Launching promotion in sphere of TA non-extreme interests (photography, digital technologies, recruiting)


  • Increasing public awareness about harm of energy drinks
  • Shift of students values to the healthy habits
  • Increasing competition
  • Possible price wars launching by private labels (ex. Carrefour energy drink)
  • Enhancing government’s regulation of energy drink market
  • Rival company Red bull already provides regular campus activities
  • Red bull sponsorships of major TA parties

Sources: Collett, S. (1999). SWOT analysis. Computerworld, 33(29), 19. / / /


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