Important dates of Burn’s communication in France

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  • Burn energy drink is a guarana based product. It targets people in need of energy (work, drive, party…). It’s the first drink made with guarana


  • Fullsix won the marketing campaign for Burn. They had previously done the first communication plan for the brand when it was launched. Their main goal is to develop an advertising campaign for all the Medias: TV, internet, press, flyers… They were competing for the contract against Saatchi Italy and Black Pencil.


  • Coca-Cola launch their new can which is re-openable.burn_grand They developed the concept in partnership with the Ball Packaging Europesociety. Present in all their products, this system allows the consumer to drink Burn when they want. It’s ideal to long distances by car or to dance all night long during parties, because this way, the drink don’t lose the gas.
  • Burn Energy Drink does a communication partnership with Autoroutemedia This new partnership allow them to use the network of Media Group, Autoroutemedia, present in 75 service areas on the French roads (45 million of potential viewers each year). The advertising campaign has been done by Poterscope Hyperspace.
  • First edition of Unighted : Burn version dancefloor For the first time, Burn, in partnership wih Cathy Guetta, organizes the Unighted event. It took place in the Stade de France in Paris. 40,000 clubbers participated on this awesome night. The 5 best Dj’s of the year where present to mix all night long.


  • Second edition of Unighted. Burn does the same event as last year with Cathy Guetta. This year, 4 of the bests Dj’s, including David Guetta, mixed for the biggest dancefloor party of France. The event took place at the Stade de France in Paris, as the last year, and they waited for 40,000 clubbers again.

20081229161031_unighted      SOIREE UNIGHTED AU STADE DE FRANCE


  • Third edition : Unighted By Cathy Guetta ! With the success of the two previous editions of Unighted, on 2010 the third edition will this time take place in Nice, France. The bests Dj’s of the year will mix in the Stade Charles Ehrmann in Nice, which has been totally transformed into the biggest dancefloor of Europe for this event.



  • Official partnership with David Guetta Movie making of the life of David Guetta and endorsement of new DJ’s recommended by him.



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