Monster’s fingerprints


it is a unique, identifying mark or characteristic of the brand. The analysis is about POD, but it is more structured and deep.

Capture d’écran 2013-12-02 à 11.16.25

One of the main Monsters fingerprint is that their values are oriented on the consumer, they try to grow new athletes and extraordinary people, through their sponsorships, motivating slogans (“unleash the beast”,” go bigger”) and allowing athletes and fans to cooperate through their branded social network. The big difference between Red Bull and monster is on the slogan semantic level. The difference is that “Red Bull Gives you wings” so your performance comes you from the outside (from red bull) and the Monsters “Unleash the beast” means that your success, performance and perspectives is in inside of you. From that point of view all Monsters strategy becomes clearer. It is oriented more on motivating of consumers and unifying of community under the idea of the independence, rebelliousness and that everything depends from you.



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