High level of sport drives Red Bull’s message

Event and sports sponsorship have been key elements of Red Bull’s marketing strategy for many years. Indeed, the brand has achieved a remarkable global success due, in part, to the reinvestment of 30 to 40% of its sales back to marketing and promotional activities.

Red Bull’s strategy has historically been divided into three kinds of approaches that are slightely connected between them:

  • Buzz marketing
  • TV advertising.
  • Sponsorship

Buzz marketing, includes handing out free samples at campuses and events where young people generally gather. As seen in the Wings Team article, this approach is often used as a way of initially raising consumer awareness.

In recent years, Red Bull’s TV commercials promoted, in a funny way, the fact that Red Bull allows anyone to do surprising things, that no one expected. Of course, the message of those advertisings perfectly fitted with the slogan “Red Bull gives you wings”…

More recentlty, the brand has focused its TV commercial strategy to provide the image of an extreme sports drink, associated to the idea that anything is possible.



Sponsorship represents the major part of Red Bull’s communication strategy. For the brand, this activity is not simply a mean to reflect a young and dynamic image to its audience, it is also a way to state a strong identity advocating the outperforming of oneself. That is way Red Bull is very present in extreme sports sponsorships and athletes endorsements.

In 2012, the company took its marketing to an entirely new level with the Stratos campaign. Felix Baumgartner achieved the record of 128,000 feet jump from the earth’s stratosphere, making him the first man to break the speed of sound while in freefall. The event was streamed live on line with viewers able to log in to post comments via Twitter and Facebook.


Source: http://marketingstories.net/le-sponsoring-donne-des-ailes-a-red-bull/


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