Burn’s SWOT analysis

  • SBrand image – Associated to the night life and Super DJs as David Guetta.
  • Resources – Burn belongs to the Coca Cola Company, so we can supose they own a full range of human, financial and material ressources to invest in the development of this new product.
  • Brand innovations – With the new system of reopen able can, BlancBurn is an innovative product on the market. Also, they are the firsts to mix the rink with guarana and fruit juices.
  • Distribution channels – As we saybefore, Coca Cola owns Burn, we can also suppose that this product could take benefits on the current distribution channels all over the world.
  • WMostly turned to the rench market – The brand has very low export levels. It’s mainly distributed in France, even if sales are now increasing in other countries.
  • New communication plan – Adds have been made around the brand, but not as much as the main brands (Burn and Monster), nether events to promote the brand.
  • ONational market – Being launched in France gives a French identity to the brand. This is good for the brand because it gives a “French Touch” welcomed all-over the word.
  • Dynamic market – Consumption trends are increasing each year, there are new consumers, and new market places. Thus, the brand can adopt different strategies to develop itself using the trends.
  • Consumption trends – They evolve each year and can Blancoffer many opporunities to the brand (comunication, image, taste, way to consume, effects…)
  • Brand loyalty – Consumers are loyal to their preferred brand likely as smokers. Thus, once the brand has built a relation with the customers , it may stay with them.
  • TInternational brands – Market’s leaders are big international firms such as Red Bull and Monster. They represent the biggest threat because of their influence power on the customer.
  • Brand loyalty – As said before, brand loyalty could be an opportunity, but can also be perceived as a threat. In fact, if a consumer choose a competitor’s brand, it will be very difficult for Burn to change their Blancconsumption habits.



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