Semantic analysis of Monster’s products description

To understand what the sense a huge number of monster products has, for whom they are designed it is vitally important to look what is common for all their products. Every energy drink producer offers the same well for the consumer, energy-caffeine. Know day’s companies create an atmosphere of fun and extreme around their brands, but that is not enough. That is a challenge for Monster to distinguish itself from Red bull which already succeeded in promoting a cool and young image to raise its brand power.

In order to define to what senses, dreams and images monster appeals , how they position their products to compete I have decided to analyze the text of their product adverts by LSA method.

Latent Semantic Analysis is a theory and method for extracting and representing the contextual‐usage meaning of words by statistical computations applied to a large corpus of text (Landauer & Dumais, 1997). The underlying idea is that the aggregate of all the word contexts in which a given word does and does not appear provides a set of mutual constraints that largely determines the similarity of meaning of words and sets of words to each other. That will allow us to see what kind of consumer Monster target and which desired images and feelings they offer.

Text was analyzed by the web application Advanced Text Analyzer (

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The general Semantic analysis of the 25 product descriptions from the has shown what from 1775 words in that text just 553 are different, that means that monster advertisers repeat some words many times. To understand which audience what advertising target vitally important to consider the complexity of the text for understanding.

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The readability analyses demonstrate that text is easy for understanding and it is enough to pass the program of 6 or 7 school classes to fully understand that. The word frequency analysis clearly shows how monster target their products on the market, who is their target audience and which needs their energy drinks designed to satisfy.

Capture d’écran 2013-11-12 à 13.32.28

The conducted study presents that Monster promise for their consumers a buzz, a killer effect in any suitable beverage form (tea, coffee, juice).In the adds Monster states that their  products designed to re-habilitate, re-vive and re-fresh. Also, they developed a special series with new flavors and benefits to stimulate consumers drink more and systematically. Their products are positioned as unique and premium, but they state that is affordable because they give TRIPLE MORE. Among young and cool consumers Monster is especially targeting consumers which search the image of badass and crazy person and inclined to take risk.

So, to differentiate itself from Red Bull Monster designed such huge product line to  state that their products are designed for all kinds of situations and they ensure that consumer can find favorite flavor. They use their existing brand power for driving their sales by launching different beverage markets and creating a special occasions for consuming their products.

In the end it is reasonable to stress that there is a big difference in Red Bull and Monster ads.  The first states that THEIR drink gives you wings and the second allow you to unleash YOUR beast. So monster develops its own history as a symbolic drink which appeals to customer’s rebellious spirit.


Source: Landauer, T. K., Foltz, P. W., & Laham, D. (1998). An introduction to latent semantic analysis. Discourse processes, 25(2-3), 259-284.


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