The Wings Team: a dynamic group at the heart of Red Bull’s strategy

Capture d’écran 2013-11-08 à 19.24.02If you are a university or a college student, you have probably seen or heard of the Red Bull Wings Team once in your life. It is the face of the brand, represented by those blue and silver Mini Coopers with a big Red Bull can on the roof. When the Wings Team comes at you, it is to offer you free refreshments. By doing this, Red bull insists on the interaction and the proximity with the consumers, showing them how much they care.

The Wings Team has for mission to energize people when they really need it. As examples, they used to visit active people in their working environment or in the streets, students at school, athletes during competitions, or party people in clubs…

The important part of a Wing Team members’ job is to put a Red Bull product and leaflet in the consumers’ hand and offer a memorable experience that will drive brand loyalty.

Only students can apply and become Wings Team members. In that way Red Bull rely on the dynamism of young people to convey the image it wishes to provide. The following video is  the advertising clip Red Bull produced to encourage young people to be part of the Wings Team experience.




One thought on “The Wings Team: a dynamic group at the heart of Red Bull’s strategy

  1. […] handing out free samples at campuses and events where young people generally gather. As seen in the Wings Team article, this approach is often used as a way of initially raising consumer […]

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