A quick look at Monster’s history

Back in the 1930s, Hubert Hansen and his three sons were the go-to guys for fresh juice in Southern California. They started their family company by squeezing and selling fresh, non-pasteurized juices to local film studios and retailers. This business eventually became Hansen’s Juices, Inc. In the 1970s, Hubert’s grandson brought a new line of Hansen’s beverages into the fold with Natural Sodas and formed Hansen Foods, Inc. To the 2000s Hansen beverage business has significantly expanded and included a wide range of beverages within the growing “alternative” beverage category, but it still was an average a little known USA company. Hansen’s success started at the 2002 from the launch of a new product Monster Energy drink – which dramatically increased its revenues and still drive it.

The following graph clearly shows how Monster’s launch in 2002 is responsible for the stratospheric rise of Hansen’s stock.

Sans titre


Sources: http://files.shareholder.com/downloads/HANS/0x0xS865752-03-4/865752/filing.pdf / http://www.hansens.com/us/en/about-us/hansens-story/ / http://finance.yahoo.com/q;_ylt=AhR_W6Q._YBsEF8adkjgX8d.FJF4?uhb=uhb2&fr=uh3_finance_verttype=2button&s=mnst


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