What about Burn ?

Burn Energy is a propriety of the Coca Cola Company. It is an energy drink made with taurine, caffeine and extracts of guarana. The flames on its logo represents the tagline of the brand: “Fuel your fire”.


Launched in 2005 (2006 in France), the classic can of Burn was equipped with a very new opening system in 2008. Thanks to this packaging improvement, consumers are now able preserve the quality of their drinks across a period of time by opening and closing them freely.

Burn’s two mains components are sugar (for the taste) and caffeine (for the energy). But it also contains taurine (since 2008 in France) and guarana which contains a high concentration of caffeine. As a result, 25 cl of Burn is equivalent to 30 cl of coffee.

Burn Products

Burn range of products from left to right: Burn Energy, Burn Day (the newcomer which won the 2011 prize of taste), Burn Energy Shot and Burn Juiced (a new way of consuming energy drinks with juice)

As well as Red Bull aims extreme sports to implement their Marketing strategy, Burn as chosen the nightlife community thanks to party/clubbing sponsorships and event organization. As an example, the brand has made a partnership with Unighted in 2008 and 2009, a well-known European electronic music event. In addition to that, the brand uses celebrity endorsments as it can be seen with the famous and world known David Guetta. As you can see, Burn is targeting young adults who want a little more energy during their days and of course their nights.



Sources: http://skeudsleblog.20minutes-blogs.fr/archive/2011/04/16/burn-avec-david-guetta-et-coca-cola-avec-taio-cruz.html / http://projectenergydrinks.wordpress.com/


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